Full Moon Oracle Special – 1 Question Readings

*Offer valid for June 12, 13, 14. All questions will be answered in this timeframe.

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Using various tools such as crystals, the Astro Soul Oracle cards, spiritual guidance and more, I will answer 1 Question of your choice.

Remember, I will give you what is in your highest interest at this time. Answers limited to 300 words.

Past Testimonials:

I received my mini reading via email. I was amazed at how accurate i…t was. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the insight. It has helped my greatly! xx ~ Michelle English

Thank you so much Sasha for the reading ,it has helped me see that there is a light at the end of this long journey and it will be ok, thank you so very much you have made me feel so much better. ~ AnnMarie Hodges

Thank you for the reading! It is very accurate and I know that I have to embrace the changes. ~ Iva Petrova

Shelby Jean Matonak~
I had the opportunity to have a session w/ Sasha using the brand new oracle cards!!! They are powerful, magical, and beautiful!!!! They are a must have. During my session Sasha helped me explore more deeply some questions that I have been pondering. Since then, so much has opened up and released for me. Thank you Sasha!

Danie Johnston~
I’ve received two amazing readings from Sasha. One from the deck she personally created, and one from her Crystal Healing cards. Both were beautiful readings that came at the perfect time and were totally on point. Sasha is warm, sensitive and insightful. Its a delight to receive readings from her.

Sherina H.~
The cards described exactly how I was feeling. I felt comforted, enlightened, and relieved after the session having released so much from my chest. I feel much more positive going forward.