Valentine’s Day Astro Soul Oracle Card Reading

December 2013 Solstice Astro Soul Oracle Reading

Interview by Jenny Ravikumar

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Mercury Retrograde Special!

Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to get you down.

Until November 11 (when Mercury changes direction), here are my special offers for you:

Star Spread with the Astro Soul Oracle Cards


The Star Spread looks at the core of the issue, the present, past and future or cause and effect as appropriate. It helps you see all around what you’re dealing with and is suitable for getting clarity on what needs to be healed in order to move ahead.

$44. for the Written Reading
$50. for a 30 minute Skype Reading Session

For both, you get an image of the cards in the Star Spread for your own personal healing journey.


Want laser-sharp guidance on your question- within 24 hours?

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Astro Soul Portrait

– Potent healing paintings to trigger your soul’s memory of soul gifts.

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To making the most of this wonderful time of year!


Full Moon October 18, 2013 – Astro Soul Forecast

Astro Soul Forecast for the week of October 9, 2013

Astro Soul Reading for Libran New Moon and Link to Party!

Astro Soul Reading for October 5

Link to Launch Party

Launch Party

The launch party is scheduled for Saturday October 5 at 8pm EST.

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